Foundation and Early Years (2000-2004)  

In 2000, Mian Muhammad Mushtaq, a determined individual with a passion for mechanics, established Ghaffar Honda Center. Despite initially having no experience in the field, Mushtaq’s resilience in overcoming challenges was evident from his early days working on a customer’s Vespa scooter. Through perseverance and self-taught skills, he not only mastered the craft but also laid the foundation for what would become a symbol of quality and trust in the automotive industry.

Expanding Horizons (2004-2006)  

Recognizing His dedication and the potential of his fledgling workshop, Atlas Honda saw a valuable partner in Ghaffar Honda Center. In 2004, the center achieved its first significant milestone by becoming an Atlas Honda 1S Dealer, marking the beginning of a fruitful collaboration. This partnership was a testament to the center’s commitment to quality and service.

Elevating Standards (2006-2008)  

Continuing its trajectory of growth and excellence, Ghaffar Honda Center progressed to become a 2S Dealer in 2006. This elevation was a recognition of the center’s adherence to Atlas Honda Ltd.’s high standards, further solidifying its position in the market.

Diversification and Growth (2008-2012)  

In 2008, the center expanded its operations to include spare parts wholesale, diversifying its business model and enhancing its service offerings. The commitment to providing comprehensive solutions was further underscored in 2010 when Ghaffar Honda Center became an Antenna Dealership, enabling it to provide warranty claims and reinforcing its status in the automotive sector.

Strategic Expansion (2012-2019)  

In a strategic move to broaden its market reach, the center acquired a 3S Dealership in 2012 and named it Hamza Trading Co. This acquisition was a critical step in offering a full spectrum of services – sales, service, and spare parts – under one roof. The center’s relentless pursuit of excellence saw it opening another workshop in 2016 and creating a Benchmark in this field with the Top Workshop by Providing 37Lifts to provide it’s services to the Customer’s under one Roof, continually enhancing its capabilities and services.

 Pioneering New Ventures (2019-Present)  

The year 2019 marked a significant milestone as Ghaffar Honda Center itself transformed into a 3S dealership, a culmination of years of dedication and hard work. In 2020, the center embarked on yet another venture, securing the sole distribution rights for Atlas Motor Oil, followed by the distribution rights for AHL Tire. These achievements underscored the center’s commitment to providing quality products and services. In 2022, Ghaffar Honda Center expanded its operations to include an oil change shop at CSD’s Bedian Road, further broadening its service portfolio.


“Founded in 2000 by the visionary Mian Muhammad Mushtaq, Ghaffar Honda Center has established itself as a premier Atlas Honda 3S dealership, renowned for its exceptional customer service, comprehensive automotive solutions, and unwavering commitment to quality. From humble beginnings as a small workshop to becoming a beacon of excellence in the automotive industry, our journey has been marked by continuous growth and innovation.

We proudly offer a full spectrum of services, including vehicle sales, state-of-the-art maintenance, a vast range of spare parts, and exclusive distributions of Atlas Motor Oil and AHL Tire. At Ghaffar Honda Center, we are dedicated to enhancing the riding experience of our customers, ensuring reliability, and fostering a lasting relationship built on trust and expertise.”

Meet Our Team

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