Honda cd 100 Spare Parts Price List

Honda cd 100 Spare Parts

The Honda CD 100 is a renowned motorcycle model celebrated for its durability and performance. To aid owners and mechanics, Ghaffar Honda Center provides a detailed spare parts price list, available on their website . This official guide lists prices for various components, assisting CD 100 owners in making informed decisions on maintenance and repairs.

cd 100 ss Parts Price List:

Finding a comprehensive spare parts list for the Honda CD 100 can be tricky because of the model’s history and variations across regions.

However, here’s a breakdown of the general categories of spare parts you might need:


  • Piston & Rings   PKR 980.
  • Cylinder Head & Valves PKR 3,200.
  • Camshaft & Timing Chain PKR 1200.
  • Gaskets & Seals PKR 500.
  • Spark Plug PKR 385.
  • Engine Oil & Filter PKR 725,1450.


  • Clutch Plates PKR 2,200.
  • Drive Chain & Sprockets PKR 4,900.
  • Carburetor & Jets PKR 8,200.


  • Front Brake Pads PKR 1,140
  • Rear Brake Shoes PKR 1,800
  • Brake Fluid PKR 900


  • Battery PKR 1,380.
  • Headlight Bulb PKR 400
  • Turn Signals & Indicators PKR 430.
  • Ignition System Parts PKR 325.

Body & Frame:

  • Air Filter & Housing PKR 700.
  • Chain Guard   PKR 1650.
  • Headlight & Taillight Assembly PKR 850
  • Turn Signals & Mirrors PKR 675.
  • Fairings (if applicable) PKR 1700.


  • Front Fork Shocks & Seals PKR 350
  • Rear Shock Absorbers PKR 4,240

Wheels & Tires:

Additional Parts:

  • Cables (Throttle, Clutch, etc.) PKR 350.
  • Levers (Brake, Clutch) PKR 350. 

Finding Specific Parts:

While this list provides a general overview,  to find the exact part you need, it’s recommended to:

  • Identify your Model Year: Year-specific parts lists are crucial for ensuring compatibility. You can usually find the model year on a sticker on the frame or in the owner’s manual.
  • Authorised Honda Dealers: They’ll have access to genuine Honda parts lists for your specific model.

Aftermarket Parts:

Aftermarket parts are a cost-effective alternative to genuine Honda parts. However, ensure they are high quality and compatible with your CD 100 model.

Remember, this is not an exhaustive list, and the specific parts you need will depend on the repairs or maintenance your Honda CD 100 requires.



honda pridor spare parts price list?

Reference Prices: The Ghaffar Honda  website does list prices for some spare parts that might be applicable to the Pridor as well. You can browse their spare parts section for parts like engine oil, spark plugs, or headlight assemblies to get a general idea of pricing [ ]


Honda pridor spare parts in lahore?

Atlas Honda Genuine Spare Parts & Service Centre at Ghaffar Honda Center.

Bank Stop, 17KM Lahore – Kasur Rd, Gulshan Yaseen Colony, Lahore, Punjab 54600


What is the fuel average of Honda CD 100?

Reported Range:  According to sources, the Honda CD 100 can achieve a fuel average between 48-58 km per litre.


What is the top speed of CD 100?

The top speed of a Honda CD 100 is generally reported to be around 85 km per hour.


What is the price of CD 70 in Pakistan tomorrow?

the price of the Honda CD 70 motorcycle in Pakistan is PKR 157,900


What is the fuel average of Honda CD 70?

The Honda CD 70 has a fuel average ranging from 60 to 65 km/l under mixed riding conditions. Actual mileage may vary based on riding style and maintenance.


What is the top speed of Honda CD 70?

Reported Range: Sources generally report a top speed of around 80-90 kilometres per hour (km/h) for the Honda


What is the price of CD 70 Dream in Pakistan?

The price of a Honda CD 70 Dream in Pakistan is currently PKR 168,900.


What is the price of Honda 125 in Pakistan 2024?

Honda CG 125: This is the standard Honda 125 model in Pakistanis PKR 234,900.


What is the price of self start 125 in Pakistan?

Honda CG 125: This is the standard Honda 125 self-start option. the price for the CG 125 is PKR 282,900