Honda cd 70 Price in Pakistan 2024

Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan 2024:

Introducing the Honda CD 70 in Pakistan for 2024! Known for its reliability and affordability, the CD 70 is a top choice for riders across the country. With its sleek design and fuel-efficient engine, it’s perfect for daily commuting.

Despite changes in the motorcycle market, the CD 70 remains a favorite for its durability and low maintenance costs. Check out its features, specifications, and unbeatable price, making it the go-to option for riders in Pakistan.

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Latest updates for Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan 2024:

The latest pricing update for the Honda CD 70 in Pakistan stands at PKR 157,900, according to the official information provided on the Atlas Honda website.

This figure serves as the current price reference for the Honda CD 70 model. Additionally, this baseline price may assist in estimating potential future fluctuations.

Honda Bikes prices in Pakistan 2024

Bike models Prices

  • Honda CD70 Rs157,900
  • Honda CD70 Dream Rs168,900
  • Honda CG125 Rs234,900
  • Honda CG125 Self Rs282,900
  • Honda CB125F Rs390,900
  • Honda CB150F Rs493,900
  • Honda Pridor Rs208,900

Honda CD 70 specifications

Here are the specifications of the Honda CD 70 in Pakistan for 2024:

  • Engine: 4-Stroke OHC Air Cooled
  • Displacement: 72 cm3
  • Bore & Stroke: 47.0 x 41.4 mm
  • Transmission: 4 Speed Constant Mesh
  • Clutch: Multiple Wet Clutch Plates
  • Compression Ratio: 8.8:1
  • Dry Weight: 82 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1897 x 751 x 1014 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 136 mm
  • Front Tire: 2.25 – 17 (4 PR)
  • Rear Tire: 2.50 – 17 (4 PR)

Additional Features:

New Design Fuel Tank and Side Cover Graphics
Sporty Muffler Exhaust
Comfortable Seating Along with Seat Bar
Thicker Spokes & Durable Rear WheelCD 70 Features

  • Durable 70cc OHC Econo Power Engine: This engine is known for its fuel efficiency and reliability, making it a good choice for everyday commuting.
  • Comfortable Seating Along with Seat Bar: The CD 70 has a comfortable seat with a seat bar for added support, making it comfortable for long rides.
  • New Design Fuel Tank and Side Cover Graphics: The 2024 model features a new fuel tank and side cover design with updated graphics.
  • Sporty Muffler Exhaust: The CD 70 comes with a sporty muffler exhaust that gives it a stylish look and a throatier sound.
  • Thicker Spokes & Durable Rear Wheel: The 2024 model has thicker spokes and a more durable rear wheel, which can help to improve handling and stability.
  • 4-Speed Constant Mesh Transmission: The CD 70 has a 4-speed constant mesh transmission that makes it easy to shift gears.
  • Multiple Wet Clutch Plates: The CD 70 uses multiple wet clutch plates, which helps to provide smooth and reliable clutch performance.


Honda CD 70 Design

The Honda CD 70 offers a simple yet practical design focusing on functionality and affordability. Here’s a breakdown of its key design aspects:
Overall Style:

  • Classic and timeless: The CD 70 has maintained a relatively unchanged design for decades, making it a recognizable and reliable choice for many riders.
  • Compact and lightweight: Its small size and weight make it easy to maneuver through traffic and navigate narrow streets, especially in urban environments.
    Key Design Elements:
  • Backbone-type frame: This frame design provides a balance of strength and flexibility, contributing to the bike’s overall stability and handling.
  • Sleek contoured fuel tank: The new fuel tank for the 2024 model features updated graphics and a slightly more contoured design compared to older models.
  • Chrome headlight and taillight: These add a touch of shine and enhance nighttime visibility.
  • Comfortable seat with backrest: The seat offers a comfortable riding position, and the backrest provides additional support for longer journeys.
  • Spoked wheels: These wheels are lightweight and offer good shock absorption, making them suitable for a variety of road conditions.
  • Minimalist dashboard: The dashboard provides essential information like speed and fuel level, keeping it simple and functional.

Color Options:

Currently, the 2024 model comes in black, red and blue.
Overall, the design of the Honda CD 70 prioritizes practicality and affordability, making it a popular choice for everyday commuting in many regions.

Honda CD 70 for sale

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What is the price of Honda 70CC 2024 in Pakistan?

Honda 70CC 2024: While I cannot guarantee a definitive price due to fluctuations, the current price of the Honda CD 70 (72cc) in Pakistan as of February 2024 is around PKR 157,900.

What is the price of Honda 100 in Pakistan 2024?

“The price of the Honda 100 in Pakistan for 2024 is PKR 208,900.”

What is the price of Honda 2024?

Honda 2024: This question is too broad. Honda offers various motorcycle models in Pakistan, each with different prices.

To get a specific price, you’d need to indicate the desired model (e.g., Honda CG 125, CB 150F) and potentially the year (as models might change slightly year-on-year).


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